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The object store MUST implement the following persistent attributes:<25>

  • Name: A Unicode string specifying the name of the link. This string MUST be greater than 0 characters and less than 256 characters in length. Valid form for a link name is the same as the pathname specification in [MS-FSCC] section 2.1.5.

  • ShortName: A Unicode string specifying the short name of the link.<26> This value could be empty. If this value is not empty, it MUST be 8.3-compliant as described in [MS-FSCC] section

  • File: The File that this link refers to.

  • ParentFile: The parent DirectoryFile that this link resides in.

  • IsDeleted: A Boolean that is TRUE if there is a pending delete operation on the link. New opens to the associated Stream MUST NOT be allowed.

Volatile Fields:

  • PendingNotifications: A 32-bit unsigned integer composed of flags indicating types of changes to link attributes for which directory change notifications are pending, as specified in [MS-SMB2] section 2.2.35, CompletionFilter field.

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