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CspParameters Constructor (Int32)

Initializes a new instance of the CspParameters class with the specified provider type code.

Namespace:  System.Security.Cryptography
Assembly:  mscorlib (in mscorlib.dll)

Public Sub New ( _
	dwTypeIn As Integer _


Type: System.Int32

A provider type code that specifies the kind of provider to create.

Use the CspParameters constructor to specify a provider type by passing a numeric value that represents that provider. The numeric values that represent the default provider types are defined in the WinCrypt.h header file:

  • To specify a provider compatible with the RSA algorithm, pass a value of 1to the dwTypeIn parameter.

  • To specify a provider compatible with the DSA algorithm, pass a value of 13to the dwTypeIn parameter.

For information about other provider type values, see the ProviderType field. For more information about the default provider types and their behaviors, see the Microsoft Cryptography API (CAPI) documentation in the MSDN library.

The following code example creates a key container using the CspParameters class and saves the key in the container.

Imports System
Imports System.IO
Imports System.Security.Cryptography

Public Class StoreKey

    Public Shared Sub Main()
        ' creates the CspParameters object and sets the key container name used to store the RSA key pair 
        Dim cp As New CspParameters()
        cp.KeyContainerName = "MyKeyContainerName" 

        ' instantiates the rsa instance accessing the key container MyKeyContainerName 
        Dim rsa As New RSACryptoServiceProvider(cp)
        ' add the below line to delete the key entry in MyKeyContainerName 
        ' rsa.PersistKeyInCsp = false; 
        'writes out the current key pair used in the rsa instance
        Console.WriteLine("Key is : "  & rsa.ToXmlString(True))
    End Sub 'Main
End Class 'StoreKey

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