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Array length must be a finite positive integer

You are calling the Array constructor with an argument that is not a whole number (whole numbers consist of zero plus the set of positive integers).

To correct this error

  • Use positive integers only when creating a new Array object. If you want to create an array with a single element that is not an integer, do it in a two-step process. First create an array with one element, then place the value in the first element (array[0]). The following is an example that generates this error.

    var piArray = new Array(3.14159);

    The following example demonstrates the correct way to specify an array with a single numeric element.

    var piArray = new Array(1);
    piArray [0] = 3.14159;

    There is no upper limit for the size of an array, other than the maximum integer value (approximately 4 billion).

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