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Compiler Error CS0149

Updated: June 2010

Method name expected

When creating a delegate, you must specify a method that matches the signature of the delegate. For more information, see How to: Declare, Instantiate, and Use a Delegate (C# Programming Guide).

The following sample generates CS0149:

using System;

namespace CompilerError0149
    // MyDelegate's signature specifies a single integer parameter
    // and returns a string.
    delegate string MyDelegate(int i);

    class MyClass
        // Declare a field of the defined delegate type.
        static MyDelegate dt;

        public static void Main()
            // The following delegate syntax requires an appropriate method
            // for the argument, not a number. 
            dt = new MyDelegate(17.45);   // CS0149

            // Try the following line instead. This time the argument is a
            // method that has a signature that matches the delegate.
            //dt = new MyDelegate(ExampleFunction);

            // The delegate can be sent as an argument to another method.

            // Or it can be called directly.

        // ExampleMethod has an integer parameter and returns a string.
        public static string ExampleMethod(int j)
            Console.Write("ExampleMethod, j = ");
            return j.ToString();

        public static void AnotherMethod(MyDelegate myDel)




June 2010

Expanded the example.

Customer feedback.

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