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If you are integrating an application with HealthVault for the first time then please review our Go-Live Guide.  If instead you already have a live HealthVault-integrated application and are planning to update this application then you have come to the right place.

There are two key questions to ask when updating a HealthVault application:

  • Is my application configuration changing (data types, auth rules, logo, ActionUrl, certificates, etc.)?
    If so, the HealthVault Go-Live Team ( must review and then push this change.  The review criteria are the same as for new applications.  Allow a few business days for turnaround time, especially if you want to schedule the push at a specific date and time (within West Coast US business hours).
  • Is my application workflow changing? 
    Is so, an updated Application Walkthrough doc should be sent to the HealthVault Go-Live Team ( and a new HealthVault Integration and Branding review may be needed.  If such a review is needed, you should plan for this process to take about two weeks.

Note that the HealthVault Go-Live Team does not need to see your public certificate again unless you wish to make changes to your current set of production certificates.

Timetable to Expect

If you are simply pushing a small configuration change, allow two to three business days.  If you would like to coordinate the timing of this configuration change in order to minimize end user impact then please contact Microsoft two or three business days before you would like to push the change.

If you are making significant workflow enhancements then please allow two weeks to complete the review process.  This gives enough time to schedule the review, demo the updated application and then respond to any feedback that is given in the review.

Microsoft HealthVault Solution Provider Agreement

If your application is already live then you will already have a signed Solution Provider Agreement on file with Microsoft.  There is therefore no need to reconnect with the HealthVault Business Development team unless you wish to discuss additional partnership ideas or if you want to add Master-Child access to your application configuration.  (A special addendum to the Agreement is needed in order to use the Master-Child API.)

Application Discoverability

Depending on the magnitude of the changes to your application, you may also want to consider updating the text or screenshots in your existing Application Directory entry.  Or if you are not yet listed then you may wish to consider asking us to be listed.  Further details are in our first-time Go-Live Guide and the process for directory updates is similar to the process for creating your entry.

You can request an update to your directory entry during the App Review process described above.