Go-live guide

The go-Live process typically takes two to four weeks depending upon how closely you have followed the instructions and guidelines below. However, the go-live process can take significantly less time when the HealthVault application and all documentation is ready. If you already have a live application that is integrated with the HealthVault production environment and you are planning to ship an update, please review the guide Updating a HealthVault-integrated application.

1) Microsoft HealthVault Solution Provider Agreement

Contact the HealthVault Business Development team to complete your Solution Provider Agreement. The agreement includes requirements for your privacy statement, handling of end-user data, and use of Microsoft trademarks. A fully executed final agreement is required prior to go live authorization onto the HealthVault platform.

To proceed, please contact our business team with our business inquiry form or email our team at HVBD@microsoft.com.

2) Application review

We will review several areas of your application before moving it to production:

  • Application configuration
    Use the Application Configuration Center (ACC) to be sure you have all details added to your configuration.
  • HealthVault integration
    During the go-live review, we will see a demo of data integration between your application and HealthVault for all applicable: create, update, read, or delete HealthVault data.
  • Branding
    Microsoft will conduct a visual review of all HealthVault branding included in your application. Please refer to HealthVault brand materials for the latest assets and guidelines on using the HealthVault brand.

Please fill out the Application Data Sheet and Application Walkthrough documents and return them to the HealthVault team:

Once you return the Application Data Sheet and Application Walk-through documents to the HealthVault team, we will schedule a go-live review meeting to validate your application’s integration with HealthVault, use of HealthVault branding and configuration in ACC. We will push your application to production once all the issues identified during the review have been fixed.

Be prepared to provide application support contact information so that Microsoft Customer Support can refer your customers to the right place. Please give your users this web address for HealthVault customer support: http://support.microsoft.com/ph/15242.

3) Application discoverability

When you announce to the world that your application is now HealthVault-enabled, you may also want to take advantage of the HealthVault Apps & Devices Directory for your app and devices.