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Creating Content: Deep Zoom Composer

Deep Zoom Composer is a free tool from Microsoft for creating complete Deep Zoom experiences. It can create Deep Zoom Images (DZI) for both Seadragon Ajax and Silverlight Deep Zoom and Deep Zoom Collections (DZC) for Silverlight Deep Zoom, as well as complete Silverlight Deep Zoom or Seadragon Ajax viewers and associated web pages.

Note: Seadragon Ajax does not support Deep Zoom Collections.

Download Deep Zoom Composer

Creating a DZI consists of importing one or more source images, laying out the images in the desired arrangement, and then exporting the layout to a single DZI image. Read on for step by step instructions:

  1. Start Deep Zoom Composer and create a new project.
  2. Select the Import tab and add the image file you want to convert to a DZI. If you want to create a sparse image or collection, you can import multiple source images.
  3. Select the Layout tab and drag the source image from the gallery on the left into the layout area. You can also compose a sparse image here.
  4. Select the Export tab.
  5. Select the Custom tab on the right panel.
  6. Select Images as the Output type.
  7. Define the exported DZI filename and directory.
  8. For a single or sparse DZI image for Seadragon Ajax or Silverlight Deep Zoom, select "Export as a composition (single image)".
  9. Set the Image Settings as desired.
  10. Click the Export button.

The output directory will contain everything you need to create a Seadragon experience: a dzi_output_images image subdirectory, a dzi_output_files collection subdirectory if appropriate, and the corresponding dzi_output.xml file to tie everything together. You may rename these as long as the image files remain in same location as the .xml file, have consistent naming, and are accurately referenced from inside the DZI file.