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Seadragon.Rect class

Version 0.8.8 - Back to Seadragon Ajax API Reference


A class that represents a rectangle.


Seadragon.Rect()Creates a rectangle at (0, 0) of size 0 x 0.
Seadragon.Rect(x, y, width, height)Creates a rectangle at (x, y) of size width x height.


xNumberThe left edge of the rectangle.
yNumberThe top edge of the rectangle.
widthNumberThe width of the rectangle.
heightNumberThe height of the rectangle.


Name and SignatureReturn TypeDescription
getAspectRatio()NumberReturns this rectangle's aspect ratio (width / height).
getTopLeft() Seadragon.PointReturns (x, y) as a Seadragon.Point.
getBottomRight() Seadragon.PointReturns (x + width, y + height) as a Seadragon.Point.
getCenter() Seadragon.PointReturns (x + 0.5 * width, y + 0.5 * height) as a Seadragon.Point.
getSize() Seadragon.PointReturns (width, height) as a Seadragon.Point.
equals(rect)BooleanReturns true if this rectangle has the same x, y, width and height as the given rectangle.