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Expression Web 3 Service Pack 2

Author: Steven Guttman, Principal Product Unit Manager

About the Author: Steven Guttman leads the Expression Web team.  He regularly contributes to the Expression Web Team Blog.

Expression Web 3 SP2 is now available via the Download Center on Get it. Now! Service Pack 2 addresses two issues:

  1. SuperPreview support for Firefox 3.6: Version 3.6 of Firefox shipped several months ago, and we’ve gotten numerous requests, comments, and pleadings (many polite and some not-so-polite) to update our product. We had hoped to provide this capability earlier, but had to wait until Mozilla’s SDK for version 3.6 was available (it shipped in March). It’s ready, we’re ready. Now, you can test on the latest Firefox.
  2. Several significant bugs fixed: SP2 fixes several PHP bugs that could—in certain circumstances—either corrupt a PHP file, or strip PHP code out of a file. If you are a PHP developer, you should definitely download and install this service pack. SP2 also fixes a problem where renaming of PDF files in Expression Web’s folder view could cause file corruption. 

How do I get it?

Expression Web 3 SP2 is available now on the Download Center in all the languages that the product ships in. Click here to head over to the Download Center.

What about Expression Web 4?

We’re working on Expression Web 4, and we hope to be able to tell you more soon. It’s only been about 9 months (and 2 service packs) since the release of Expression Web 3. But, we won’t rest until we can bring you new, better functionality. While we can’t say anything about the features in the new version, we can tell you that it will be FREE to anyone who purchased Expression Web 3 (or the Expression Web 3 upgrade). It’s hard to argue with that! Stay tuned—we’ll tell you more about Web 4 when we’re able.