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Welcome to the Developer Resources Center! This new portal is designed to help you find technical information and learning opportunities quickly and easily. We’ll update this page often with descriptions and links to both “evergreen” and new product and technology resources.

Click here for great demos and other resources presented at the Vista and Office launch events!


Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN)
In-depth technical content including references, technical articles, downloads and code samples, on all developer-related Microsoft product and technologies.

Calendar of live webcasts that fit your schedule... on-demand webcasts to view at your convenience.

Virtual Labs
Free, guided, hands-on labs to help quickly evaluate or learn how to build great applications for Windows and the Web.

Technical Events in Your Area
Learn to use new tools and technologies at free sessions led by experienced developers ...with lots of time to ask questions and trade war stories with peers.

MSDN Flash: Developer e-Newsletter
Free bi-weekly e- newsletter that covers the latest developer resources - SDKs, downloads, articles, training, security news, national and local developer events and more.

MSDN Subscriptions
Get a steady flow of MSDN resources including regular updates of the MSDN Library, API-level SDKs, DDKs, operating systems, servers, Office Developer, Office-family applications, and Visual Studio.

MSDN Magazine
Monthly publication for in-depth and comprehensive coverage of Microsoft development technologies.

MSDN Developer Community Center
Communicate with other developers about Microsoft technologies via technical chats, newsgroups, blogs and much more.

MSDN Developer Centers
Product and technology-specific content and resources including code samples, technical articles and documentation, upcoming events, and community sites.

MSDN Developer Library
An essential resource containing technical programming information, sample code, documentation, technical articles, and reference guides.

Microsoft Learning
Free skills assessments, classroom training, books, and e-learning courses to help you reach your goals and prepare for certification.

Windows Vista Developer Center
Where to go for quick access to key resources for Windows Vista.

The Developer Story
In-depth exploration of some of the new and extended features in Windows Vista.

Application Compatibility Cookbook
Nuts and bolts about Windows Vista compatibility.

Windows Vista Forum
Discuss general issues about developing applications for Windows Vista with other developers.

Download everything!
Get the latest downloads for Windows Vista, .NET Framework 3.0, and Windows SDK.

MSDN Office Developer Center
Where to go for quick access to key resources for Office developers.

Office Developer Center Site Map
Navigate to information about developer resources for the Microsoft Office System.

What's New for Developers in the 2007 Microsoft Office System
Developer resources designed to help address a broad array of business problems with the integrated 2007 Microsoft Office System programs, servers, tools and technologies.

Developer Map for the 2007 Microsoft Office System
Overview of all the Office system programs, servers, services, and tools that help build solutions.

Visual Studio Tools for Office
All about designing, implementing, and deploying Visual Studio Tools for Office solutions.

SharePoint Server 2007
Information about planning, coding, building, deploying, and migrating solutions for SharePoint Server.


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