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Is your CRM 2013 pointing to CRM 2011 help?
If you customized your CRM 2011 sitemap and then upgraded to CRM 2013, you might be missing out on all the new content: eBooks, videos, Training and A... more
Thursday, Jun 26 crmblog
New eBook: Create or customize dashboards
Are your teams tired of swimming in spreadsheets? Are reports gathering dust on their desks? Does management know what’s happening with sales op... more
Monday, Jun 16 crmblog
New eBook: Increase your impact with Microsoft Dynamics Marketing
Applies to: Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Spring ‘14 Do you want to know more about what you can do with the Microsoft Dynamics Marketing solutio... more
Monday, Jun 16 crmblog
3 Ways to Learn What’s New with Customer Service in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Spring ’14
Do you want to deliver the best customer service? Are you looking for a CRM system that can handle all of your customer service needs? Or, do you want... more
Wednesday, Jun 4 crmblog
New Help Center for Microsoft Social Listening Spring ‘14
The Microsoft Social Listening Spring ’14 release brings a brand-new Help Center where you’ll find answers to your questions about how to ... more
Wednesday, Jun 4 crmblog
New Help Center for Microsoft Dynamics Marketing spring '14
The Microsoft Dynamics Marketing spring ’14 release boasts a brand-new Help center, so you can find all the setup, implementation, and training ... more
Tuesday, Jun 3 crmblog

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