The Microsoft journal for developersMay 2014 VOL 29 NO 5

A C# 6.0 Language Preview

Mark Michaelis presents some of the useful new features in the next version of C#, including indexed members and element initializers, auto-properties with initializers, primary constructors, static using statements, and exception-handling improvements.

Mark Michaelis

Charles PetzoldDirectX Factor
Manipulating Triangles in 3D Space
Charles Petzold explores 3D concepts as he shows you how to give 2D graphical objects depth and body as they arise from screen and float in 3D space.
Charles Petzold


Visual Studio 2013:   Next-Generation Development with Application Insights
Application Insights delivers a set of services that integrates developer and operations tools to reduce friction in the development process. This articles explores services like availability monitoring, application performance monitoring and usage analytics to ensure that applications are available, performant and functional.
Charles Sterling

Async Programming:   Patterns for Asynchronous MVVM Applications: Services
In the third article in a series that looks at patterns for combining the async and await keywords with MVVM, Stephen Cleary looks at the service layer and discusses asynchronous services.
Stephen Cleary

ALM Rangers:   Software Development with Feature Toggles
Feature toggles are a programming concept that enables parallel, concurrent feature development as an alternative to branching for parallel development (feature branches), and allows continuous integration of features while they are being developed.
Bill Heys

C# Best Practices:   Dangers of Violating SOLID Principles in C#
SOLID Principles are a well-known guideline for effective software development. Brannon King looks at several C#-specific patterns that violate these principles and, in so doing, help illuminate their value to programmers.
Brannon King


Azure Insider
Microsoft Azure and Open Source Power Grid Computing
Developing and deploying something as potentially complex as a grid or distributed computing implementation can be daunting. Bruno Terkaly and Ricardo Villalobos discuss coding tools that can help establish the necessary communication.
Bruno Terkaly
Ricardo Villalobos

Data Points
Tips for Updating and Refactoring Your Entity Framework Code
Updating to a new version of Entity Framework and refactoring your code presents some real challenges. Julie Lerman’s tips can help ease the pain.
Julie Lerman

Test Run
Association Rule Learning
James McCaffrey explains association rule learning, an exploratory technique intended to reveal interesting and possibly useful relationships between items.
James McCaffrey

The Working Programmer
Growl Notification System: Simpler Is Better
Sometimes the simplest approach is best, as Ted Neward illustrates with the Growl notification utility, which makes it easy for developers to add reliable notificiations to their software.
Ted Neward

Modern Apps
Design a Cross-Platform Modern App Architecture
Considering the wide range of devices available these days, the need to develop apps for cross platform use is inevitable. Make the right choice of development platform and process to ensure you can develop the app you need.
Rachel Appel

Don't Get Me Started
David Platt takes Amazon's Mayday interactive help feature of the Kindle HDX for a spin and wonders, could it replace the neighborhood bartender?
David Platt

Editor's Note
Building Bridges
Last month's Build Conference set the agenda for Microsoft developers for years to come.
Michael Desmond