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Reactive Extensions for .NET Resources and Community

The Reactive Extensions for .NET 2.2.4 Released
This is a minor update from Rx.NET v2.2.3 which includes two fixes. First is the support for Windows... more
Tuesday, Apr 29 Rx team
Reactive Extensions 2013 Year in Review
This past year saw a number of changes with the Reactive Extensions (Rx). The team, with the help o... more
Wednesday, Jan 1 Rx team
RxJS 2.2 Released
As announced earlier this week by MS Open Tech, the Reactive Extensions for JavaScript (RxJS) versio... more
Friday, Dec 13 Rx team
Rx 2.2 Released!
The MS Open Tech Hub releases Rx 2.2 Today Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc. (MS Open Tech), is ha... more
Monday, Dec 9 Rx team


Discussions on the Forum

Reactive Extensions for .NET Resources and Community

What is the reactive/functional way to iterate over a dictionary?
I could not find an information on how to iterate over a dictionary. Normally I would iterate as so... more
Tuesday, Dec 9
Rx for collections - a solution
Guys I am announcing that I have open sourced a solution which enables stateful Rx for collections. ... more
Monday, Dec 1
Cortana Like Rx Functionality
I'm designing a system that I would like to operate a bit like Cortana and the bing services in the ... more
Wednesday, Nov 5
How to convert this event based code using and leveraging Rx ?
I want to pick up Rx and have been going through the FromEventPattern but not able to get my head ar... more
Wednesday, Oct 15

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