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The material on this page is out of date. For the latest information on SQL Server Modeling-related technologies, i.e. “M”, “Quadrant”, SQL Server Modeling Services and the Repository, read this update.

Video Transcripts

This page provides links to the available transcripts for pre-release technology videos. For more details see the Data Development Videos (Pre-Release) page.

"M" and "M" Languages Videos

Modeling in Text (Five-Part Series)
This five-part video series by David Langworthy, an Architect on The "M" Modeling Language Specification, leads you through the step-by-step process of modeling a basic domain-specific language.

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Understanding the Mapping of "M" to SQL Server
An introduction to how constructs in the "M" language map to their equivalents in T-SQL.

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SQL Server Modeling Services Videos

Introduction to SQL Server Modeling Services
Discusses SQL Server Modeling Services features, the common models that ship with the CTP, and the process for creating your own models.

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Understanding Folders in SQL Server Modeling Services
This is the first of a two part series exploring folders in SQL Server Modeling Services. This video discusses the purpose and design of folders, then how to create new folders and associate data rows with those folders in "Quadrant".

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Folders and Security in SQL Server Modeling Services
This is the second of a two part series exploring folders in SQL Server Modeling Services. In this video we will explore how folders are used to secure data.

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"Quadrant" Videos

"Quadrant" UI Overview
Gives a short but enlightening overview of "Quadrant's" unique user interface..

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Viewer Configuration in "Quadrant"
Explores the different ways to configure viewers in "Quadrant" both through the "Quadrant" UI and through the "M" language.

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"Quadrant" T-SQL Console
Demonstrates the T-SQL Console feature of "Quadrant" showing the kinds of queries and SQL commands that can be issued there..

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