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If you are new to Architecture as a practice and want to learn more about this discipline, we suggest you to visit the Learn tab in this portal. If you have at least a basic awareness (or even better, a very strong architect skill) and want to know what we offer, below is an explanation of our different channels for architects and how to get the most of each.


The Architecture Journal

Born in 2004 as a paper magazine, the Journal is currently delivered every quarter exclusively through electronic channels (online in the web portal, as a downloadable PDF and linked in the monthly newsletter).
The Journal procures that any IT architect has their chance to manifest their opinions. Every three months we trigger a call for papers based on a given architecture concern. The call is public and anybody can submit a proposal.
The Journal is in that sense a two way channel as articles come from independent and MS sources as well. In the latter case, we procure to show how our infrastructure platform and development tools help you accelerate the delivery of a solution. From an architectural standpoint, the validity of each article is independent of its implementation.


The Architecture Newsletter

A monthly brief, the newsletter delivers updated coverage on a given topic, plus latest news for architects, directly to your Inbox. The newsletter comes with a small set of articles, short videos, tools for architects and other goodies. Save time hunting for architecture news by browsing several websites as we intend to synthesize here the most relevant news from several independent media.
Furthermore, this newsletter comes with the quarterly Journal as soon as it's released. Finally, this newsletter is the best way to learn about new Journal call for papers as soon as we issue them.


The Architecture Portal on MSDN

This Architecture Developer Center is the place to access to all our information without being subscribed to our other channels. You also get blogged opinions from renowned architects (MS architects or external luminaries), 5-to-10-minute videos , and discussion forums where you might share thoughts with your colleagues.
This center is a place where you can get architecture ideas to be implemented either in the Microsoft platform or any other. We will also show you what the current Microsoft platform is and what its roadmap looks like.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any way to get a paper copy of the Journal?
The Journal as a free paper magazine was discontinued in April 2009 with the goal of concentrating our efforts in digital channels. We do plan to make the magazine available in paper again for a fee.

How to be notified when a Journal call for papers is launched?
The most effective way is by subscribing the monthly Architecture Newsletter (we'll review that one next). You will get an email with all the details, conditions, deadlines, etc.
An alternative is by subscribing the Journal call for papers feed.

How to subscribe to the Architecture Journal?
As the Journal now comes with the monthly Architecture Newsletter, just subscribe to the Architecture Newsletter.

How can I get previous issues of the Journal?
We offer all issues to read on the website or to download as a PDF. Browse past issues of the architecture journal.

Isn't the Journal a mere vehicle to foster the Microsoft platform?
No. It is common that more than half of our articles come from non-Microsoft sources. Those external authors are not compelled to write on our products. We try to make available articles by architects working on any technology. We still want our readers to be aware about those Microsoft technologies that help accelerate the implementation of any given architectural approach. However, instead of requiring all articles to be based on our platform, we include at the end of any article a list of those Microsoft technologies that are related with the concepts delivered throughout the reading. The reader is free to explore those technologies or just go to the next article.

Is the Journal available in languages other than English?
Translation efforts are being made directly by certain Microsoft subsidiaries around the world. We can't guarantee, continuity or availability of localized versions.

Is there any way to get previous newsletters?
Yes. Besides emailing those to our subscribers, we also post archives of the Architecture Newsletter online.

Won't an email version of the newsletter containing the Journal be too large for my Inbox?
No. The newsletter just contains a few blurbs with links to the website. In that sense, you'll get links for every article in the Journal, or a single link to the PDF version if you prefer offline reading.

How can I stop getting the monthly newsletter?
By unsubscribing. Learn how to unsubscribe from the Architecture Newsletter.