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Lessons Learned: Optimizing A Large Scale Software + Services Application
Udi Dahan explains how his team identified and overcame unforeseen problems while developing a large-scale software + services trading application. Udi Dahan
Dynamic WPF: Create Flexible UIs With Flow Documents And Data Binding
Flow documents offer enormous flexibility in arranging text layout and pagination, but they don’t support data binding, so you can’t dynamically change content. Here we build a component to solve that problem. Vincent Van Den Berghe
Cloud Computing: Building Distributed Applications With .NET Services
We show you how .NET Services within the Azure Services Platform makes it easy to bring workflow apps to the cloud. Aaron Skonnard
Take Control: Use SharePoint to Manage Your Windows Services
In this article, we show you how to integrate a Windows Services-based solution with SharePoint. The results enable you to provision, start, stop, and remove service instances through SharePoint 3.0 Central Administration. Pav Cherny
Sync Up: Manage Your Data Effectively With The Microsoft Sync Framework
Synchronization Services for ADO.NET provide a set of tools to help you synchronize data between two database sources, synchronize files between machines, and synchronize with an RSS or ATOM feed. Learn more here. James Yip

Editor's Note: What's In Style
From fat to thin to fat again--Howard Dierking chronicles the dieting habits of a Web client and the technologies that continue to fuel the shifts. Howard Dierking
Toolbox: Microsoft Chart Controls, Visual Studio Automatic Code Snippets, And More
In this installment we look at the Microsoft Chart Controls; Snippet Designer, a free, add-in for Visual Studio 2008 for creating and editing Code Snippets; refactoring SQL applications; and this month’s favorite blog. Scott Mitchell
CLR Inside Out: CLR Optimizations In .NET Framework 3.5 SP1
See the changes the CLR team made to the CLR .for NET Framework 3.5 SP1 and the improvements you’ll get running your existing CLR 2.0-based apps against this service pack. Surupa Biswas
Data Points: Using Silverlight 2 With ADO.NET Data Services
ADO.NET Data Services and Silverlight make a powerful combination, but to make them work well together, there are a few things you need to understand. Here, John Papa explains. John Papa
Cutting Edge: Explore Rich Client Scripting With jQuery, Part 2
Achieving cross-browser compatibility for events is no easy task. The jQuery event handling API addresses the differences in event handling across browsers, allowing you to write more predictable JavaScript. Dino Esposito
Patterns in Practice: Persistence Patterns
Here we examine data persistence patterns to help you determine which best suits your needs. We look at a number of patterns, including the Active Record, the Data Mapper, the Repository, the Identity Map, the Lazy Loading, and the Virtual Proxy. Jeremy Miller
Service Station: Creating And Consuming Web Feeds
Jon Flanders demonstrates creating and consuming Web feeds with Windows Communication Foundation and AtomPub. Jon Flanders
Foundations: Working With The .NET Service Bus
The .NET Services Bus is arguably the most accessible, powerful, and useful piece of the new Windows Azure Cloud Computing initiative. See how it manages cloud communications. Juval Lowy
Windows With C++: The Virtual Disk API In Windows 7
This month we look inside the Windows 7 beta to examine the Virtual Disk API and the Microsoft Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) format. Kenny Kerr
.NET Matters: Parallelizing Operations With Dependencies
In this month’s installment, Stephen Toub examines some techniques for enforcing dependencies in the running order of asynchronous operations and builds a DependencyManagement class to help. Stephen Toub
Usability in Practice: The Power of Personas
A persona is a description of a fictional person representing an amalgamation of traits found in a segment of your users. Emplolying personas arms you with a powerful foundation on which to base design decisions. Dr. Charles B. Kreitzberg and Ambrose Little
{ End Bracket }: Translate This Page
This month we examine the Microsoft translation Web service and show you how you can incorporate translation services into your own Web application. Sandor Maurice & Vikram Dendi
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