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ASP.NET MVC: Building Web Apps without Web Forms
Chris Tavares explains how the ASP.NET MVC Framework's Model View Controller pattern helps you build flexible, easily tested Web applications. Chris Tavares
Loosen Up: Tame Your Software Dependencies for More Flexible Apps
James Kovacs explains the dark side of tightly coupled architectures, why they're hard to test and how they limit adaptation. He then proposes a number of solutions. James Kovacs
CI Server: Redefine Your Build Process with Continuous Integration
Jay Flowers demonstrates how to set up and use a Continuous Integration server using both discrete tools and the more comprehensive CI Factory solution. Jay Flowers
Performance: Find Application Bottlenecks with Visual Studio Profiler
We will introduce you to the Visual Studio Profiler by walking through a sample performance investigation, pinpointing code inefficiencies in some sample applications. Hari Pulapaka and Boris Vidolov
Office Development: OBA Solution Patterns In The Real World
OBA solution patterns help architects and developers build Office Business Applications (OBAs). This article introduces the seven core OBA solution patterns and applies one to a real-world problem. Steve Fox
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Editor's Note: Too Many Swimming Pools
This month Howard Dierking cautions against designing applications in a vacuum with no connection to reality. Howard Dierking
Toolbox: Easy Web Debugging, Extending Reflector, and More
This month, a better design-time experience for Web apps, Scott Guthrie's blog, extending Extend Lutz Roeder's Reflector, and more. Scott Mitchell
CLR Inside Out: Improving Application Startup Performance
Application startup performance matters to users, and there's plenty you can do to improve it. Here's a look at where to begin. Claudio Caldato
Data Points: Standard Query Operators with LINQ
LINQ to Objects and LINQ to Entities have an arsenal of Standard Query Operators that operate on sequences to perform a wide variety of operations. John Papa
Advanced Basics: Office 2007 Files and LINQ
LINQ to XML and the Microsoft SDK for Open XML Formats simplify access to the parts of a 2007 Office system Open XML document when retrieving or modifying data, resulting in shorter, less complex code. Ken Getz
Office Space: Simplify SharePoint Development with STSDEV
Ted Pattison shows how to use a new STSDEV utility to set up and deploy SharePoint development projects in Visual Studio in an easy and repeatable manner. Ted Pattison
Test Run: Web UI Automation with Windows PowerShell
Here we show you how to use Windows PowerShell to create quick and easy UI test automation for ASP.NET and classic ASP Web applications. Dr. James McCaffrey
Security Briefs: Protecting Your Code with Visual C++ Defenses
Michael Howard outlines some of the buffer overrun defenses available in Visual C++ 2005 and beyond. Michael Howard
Extreme ASP.NET: The Only Data-binding Control You'll Ever Need
Fritz Onion demonstrates how the ListView control in ASP.NET 3.5 makes data-binding tasks easier with support for styling with CSS, flexible pagination, and a full complement of sorting, inserting, deleting, and updating features. Fritz Onion
Foundations: Vector Graphics and the WPF Shape Class
The System.Windows.Shapes namespace is Charles Petzold's namespace of choice for rendering two-dimensional vector graphics in WPF. Here he explains why. Charles Petzold
.NET Matters: Asynchronous Stream Processing
This month Stephen Toub discusses asynchronous stream processing. Stephen Toub
{ End Bracket }: What is ALT .NET?
Jeremy D. Miller explains the motivation behind the ALT .NET movement. Jeremy D. Miller
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