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last updated: May 2012

Learn more about developing on the HealthVault platform and SDK

Get detailed information about developing applications and devices for Microsoft HealthVault.

Before you start

HealthVault: a platform for connected health information and innovation

HealthVault provides a unique, feature-rich development platform for consumer and patient engagement. This article discusses the features that you benefit from when you develop on the HealthVault platform.

Microsoft HealthVault ecosystem overview

By becoming a part of the HealthVault ecosystem, you become part of a valuable network of organizations that are uniquely able to empower users to manage and exchange their information using a common platform.

HealthVault Case Studies

See case studies that show how Microsoft HealthVault is being used in various health settings.

Getting started

HealthVault platform overview

This article provides a brief technical overview of HealthVault, including options for applications to connect and exchange data with HealthVault users.

HealthVault development basics

This article provides basic information you need when developing and deploying applications for HealthVault.

Consultant directory

If you are considering working with a consultant developer to create your application, you may want to examine the work of the developers in the Consultant Directory.

How-to guides

The How-to guides cover a variety of topics to help you develop your application.

Go-live guide

Go-live guide

Learn what it takes for a HealthVault-compatible application to go live.

Policy guides

Microsoft HealthVault and HIPAA

Details on how HealthVault approaches the privacy and security requirements of HIPAA.


Several reference pages are updated dynamically as new data types and methods are added to the Microsoft HealthVault platform.

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