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Webcam Sensor

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Webcam Sensor

The generic WebCam Sensor Service provides access to the RGB (Video) camera on a Kinect. It is different from the generic WebCam service.

You do not need to partner with the WebCam Sensor service if you also use the DepthCam service because the DepthCam state includes both the depth data and the RGB data. In fact, if you want the two images to be as close together as possible in time then you should use the DepthCam service. The WebCam Sensor service is primarily intended for applications that do not use depth data.

The Generic WebCam Sensor service provides the following operations. Replace is available for notifications.

GetGets the State of the WebCamSensor service.
HttpGetGets the State via a HTTP request, usually from a web browser.
HttpQueryUsed to request images from a web browser.
ReplaceReserved. Do not send this operation request.
SubscribeSubscribe to notifications. Only Replace messages are sent as notifications.

Unlike the WebCam, you can Subscribe to the WebCam Sensor and it will send frames as notifications (Replace messages). Alternatively, you can poll the service using Get.

The state of a WebCam Sensor is represented the following properties.

Databyte[]The raw image data in BGR24 format. Note that the order is not RGB.
DeviceNamestringName of the device.
HeightintHeight of the image in pixels.
HorizontalFieldOfViewdoubleHorizontal Field of View of the camera in Radians.
InverseProjectionMatrixMatrixInverse of the Projection Matrix, i.e. it converts in the opposite direction.
ProjectionMatrixMatrixA matrix that defines the conversion between real world view space (3D) and camera space (pixel coordinates plus depth).
StrideintThe number of bytes in each scanline.
TimestampDateTimeTime when this image was captured.
WidthintWidth of the image in pixels.

For more information, see the Kinect Services for RDS document in the Documentation folder of your RDS installation.

Robotics Common: Depth Camera

DSS Interop Samples: Kinect Sensor



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