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Capabilities in Lync 2013

Customize and extend Lync

Customize Lync to operate with legacy systems in new ways, or add functionality through extensions on top of Lync's APIs.

Empower customer care

Empower unique customer care scenarios using multichannel communications, or extend Lync beyond the enterprise with ISV solutions such as web chat, IVR, or a contact center.

Embed communications in business processes

Deeply embed communications inside applications and business processes with ease using familiar paradigms like .NET and REST-ful APIs.

UCMA developer videos

UCMA Hello World - Send an Instant Message

See a demonstration of sending an IM message using Microsoft's middle-tier API for Microsoft Lync Server.

UCMA 4.0 Development Topics

See an overview and code walkthrough of async coding techniques using .NET 4.5 and techniques to move from the UCMA Workflow to the UCMA Core API for IVR applications.

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Learn more about Lync development and Lync APIs.

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Download Lync code samples and applications.

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Visit the categorized downloads listing in the Lync TechCenter.

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Read discussions, ask questions, or comment on Lync development issues.

Meet apps

What are apps for Office?

Apps are web applications that extend what a document, email message, or meeting request can do in Office.

Run them in multiple environments like Office desktop applications, Office Online, and mobile browsers—in the cloud or on your site.