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Called by the framework when the user exits print preview mode.

virtual void OnEndPrintPreview(
   CDC* pDC,
   CPrintInfo* pInfo,
   POINT point,
   CPreviewView* pView 



Points to the printer device context.


Points to a CPrintInfo structure that describes the current print job.


Specifies the point on the page that was last displayed in preview mode.


Points to the view object used for previewing.

The default implementation of this function calls the OnEndPrinting member function and restores the main frame window to the state it was in before print preview began. Override this function to perform special processing when preview mode is terminated. For example, if you want to maintain the user's position in the document when switching from preview mode to normal display mode, you can scroll to the position described by the point parameter and the m_nCurPage member of the CPrintInfo structure that the pInfo parameter points to.

Always call the base class version of OnEndPrintPreview from your override, typically at the end of the function.

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