PathSegmentCollection class

Applies to Windows and Windows Phone

Represents a collection of PathSegment objects that can be individually accessed by index.




public sealed class PathSegmentCollection : IList<PathSegment>,


XAML Values


One or more PathSegment objects, declared using object element syntax.




The PathSegmentCollection class has these types of members:


The PathSegmentCollection class has these constructors.

PathSegmentCollection Initializes a new instance of the PathSegmentCollection class.



The PathSegmentCollection class has these methods. It also inherits methods from the Object class.

Add [C#, VB]Adds a new item to the collection.
Append [C++]Adds a new item to the collection.
Clear Removes all items from the collection.
Contains [C#, VB]Determines whether an element is in the collection.
CopyTo [C#, VB]Copies the elements of the collection to an array, starting at a particular array index.
First [C++]Returns an iterator for the items in the collection.
GetAt [C++]Returns the item located at the specified index.
GetMany [C++]Retrieves multiple elements in a single pass through the iterator.
GetView [C++]Gets an immutable view into the collection.
IndexOf [C++]Retrieves the index of the specified item.
IndexOf [C#, VB]Determines the index of a specific item in the collection.
Insert [C#, VB]Inserts an item into the collection at the specified index.
InsertAt [C++]Inserts the specified item at the specified index.
Remove [C#, VB]Removes the first occurrence of a specific object from the collection.
RemoveAt [C++]Removes the item at the specified index.
RemoveAt [C#, VB]Removes the element at the specified index of the collection.
RemoveAtEnd [C++]Removes the last item in the collection.
ReplaceAll [C++]Initially clears the collection, then inserts the provided array as new items.
SetAt [C++]Sets the value at the specified index to the PathSegment value specified.



The PathSegmentCollection class has these properties.

PropertyAccess typeDescription

Count [C#, VB]

Read-onlyGets the number of elements contained in the collection.

IsReadOnly [C#, VB]

Read-onlyGets a value indicating whether the collection is read-only.

Item [C#, VB]

Read/writeGets or sets the element at the specified index.

Size [C++]

Read-onlyGets the size (count) of the collection.



This class is relevant for setting the vector data for either a Path or a PathIcon.

Rather than creating an instance or an object element, you can also define different types of segments as part of a vector within the string for a Move and draw commands syntax.

Enumerating the collection in C# or Microsoft Visual Basic

A PathSegmentCollection is enumerable, so you can use language-specific syntax such as foreach in C# to enumerate the items in the collection. The compiler does the type-casting for you and you won't need to cast to IEnumerable<PathSegment> explicitly. If you do need to cast explicitly, for example if you want to call GetEnumerator, cast to IEnumerable<T> with a PathSegment constraint.


Minimum supported client

Windows 8 [Windows Store apps only]

Minimum supported server

Windows Server 2012 [Windows Store apps only]

Minimum supported phone

Windows Phone 8.1 [Windows Runtime apps only]


Windows::UI::Xaml::Media [C++]



See also

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