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gcnew creates an instance of a managed type (reference or value type) on the garbage collected heap. The result of the evaluation of a gcnew expression is a handle (^) to the type being created.

Managed types in C++/CLI are supported by garbage collection. Where native C++ types require using new and delete, managed C++ C++/CLI types need only gcnew.

// mcppv2_gcnew_1.cpp
// compile with: /clr
ref struct Message {
   System::String ^ sender, ^ receiver, ^ data;

int main() {
   Message ^ h_Message  = gcnew Message ;

It is possible to create an instance of a managed type, where the managed type contains a nested type other than a reference type:

// mcppv2_gcnew_2.cpp
// compile with: /clr
ref class MyClass {
   void Test() {}

   value class Value_Nested_Class {
      int i;

int main() {
   MyClass ^ h_MyClass = gcnew MyClass;
   MyClass::Value_Nested_Class y;
   y.i = 32;

Compiler option: /clr

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