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Filetype (Command Line)

Visual Studio 2005

Sets the file type for one or more files. This command is available only from the command line. For definitions of the command options, see Command Options in this Help system.

ss Filetype <items> [-B] [-H] [-I-] [-N] [-O] [-R] [-Y] [-?]

You must have the Read project right to check the type of a file, and the Add/Rename/Delete project right to change the file type.

Every file in Visual SourceSafe is classified as either binary or text. Text types supported are ANSI, Unicode in UTF8 format, Unicode in UTF16 Little Endian format, and Unicode in UTF16 Big Endian format.

Tells the file type of Help.c:

ss Filetype HELP.C

Changes Help.c to a binary file:

ss Filetype HELP.C -B

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