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Sample MinimumUnattended.xml File

Sample MinimumUnattended.xml File

The following is a sample xml file that includes only the required elements for use in an unattended installation of WEPOS. You can copy this file and make changes as needed to adapt the file for use with your particular installation.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
      <!--This section contains elements for pre-populating user information and personalizing the user experience-->
      <AdminPassword Value="TG33hY" StrongPassword="No" EncryptedPassword="No"/>
      <FullName Value="Pat Coleman" />
      <ProductKey Value="12345-ABCDE-12345-ABCDE-12345" />

      <!--This section contains elements for pre-populating information about disk configuration settings-->
      <Disk ID="0">
         <CreatePartition />

         <!--This section contains elements for selecting regional and language settings for the user interface-->
         <UserInterface Value="12" />
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