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How to: Access Development Computer Files from the Emulator 

The following steps demonstrate how to use folder sharing to access files on the development computer from the device emulator.


Smartphone emulators typically do not have file viewers, so the Remote File Viewer is used in the Smartphone testing steps that follow. For more information, see Remote File Viewer.

To set up a shared folder

  1. On the development computer, create a folder to be shared between the development computer and the device emulator.

  2. On the Device Emulator File menu, click Configure.

  3. In the Shared folder box of the General tab, type or navigate to the shared folder on the development computer.

  4. Click OK.

To test your shared folder on the Pocket PC emulator

  1. In the Pocket PC emulator, open File Explorer.

  2. Tap and select My Device.

    The Storage Card entry is the shared folder.

To test your shared folder on the Smartphone emulator

  1. On the Windows Start menu, point to All Programs, then point to Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, then point to Visual Studio Remote Tools, and then click Remote File Viewer.

  2. In Select a Windows CE Device, select the Smartphone emulator, and then click OK to open the Windows CE Remote File Viewer window.

    The Storage Card entry is the shared folder.

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