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Database Schemas (General Page)

Use this page to view or modify schemas for the selected database. This page is accessed in two ways: either by right-clicking Schemas in Object Explorer and clicking New Schema, or by right-clicking an existing schema and clicking Properties. If you right-click an existing schema and click Properties, Schema name cannot be changed.

A schema is a collection of database objects that are owned by a single user and form a single namespace. A namespace is a set of objects that cannot have duplicate names. For example, two tables can have the same name only if they are in separate schemas. A database object such as a table is owned by a schema, and the schema is owned by a database user, or role. When the owner of a schema leaves the organization, transfer the ownership of the schema to a new user or role before the departing user is deleted.

Schema name

Displays the name of the schema.

Schema owner

Displays the database user or role that owns the schema.


Search for a list of possible owners.

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