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Office Programming (How Do I in C#) 

This page links to help on widely Office programming tasks. To view other categories of popular tasks covered in Help, How Do I in C#.

How to: Upgrade Document-Level Projects

Explains the steps you must perform manually to complete the upgrade to Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Tools for Ofice.

Walkthroughs Using Excel

Demonstrates three basic types of tasks: automating Microsoft Office Excel 2003, performing data analysis, and working with controls.

Walkthroughs Using Word

Demonstrates ways you can use the tools for Microsoft Office 2003 to automate Microsoft Office Word 2003 projects.

How to: Automate Office Applications By Using Primary Interop Assemblies

Provides steps to perform in your existing projects to be able to call unmanaged code using Visual Basic or C#.

How to: Add Controls to Office Documents

Explains how to add controls to Office Documents at design time or at runtime.

How to: Run Excel Calculations Programmatically

Explains how to run calculations programmatically for a range or for the Entire Application.

How to: Create Office Menus Programmatically

Provides an example that creates a menu called New Menu on the menu bar in Microsoft Office Excel 2003.

How to: Create Office Toolbars Programmatically

Provides an example that creates a toolbar called Test in Microsoft Office Word 2003. It appears near the middle of the document and contains two buttons. When a button is clicked, a message box appears.

How to: Handle Errors in Office Projects

Explains how to set the debugger to break on common language runtime exceptions.

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