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'Structure' constraint and a specific class type constraint cannot be combined 

A constraint list includes both the Structure (Visual Basic) constraint and the name of a defined class.

A constraint list imposes requirements on the type argument passed to the type parameter. You can specify the following requirements in any combination:

  • The type argument must implement one or more interfaces

  • The type argument must inherit from at most one class

  • The type argument must expose a parameterless constructor that the creating code can access (include the New constraint)

If you do not include any specific class or interface in the constraint list, you can impose a more general requirement by specifying one of the following:

  • The type argument must be a value type (include the Structure constraint)

  • The type argument must be a reference type (include the Class constraint)

You cannot specify both Structure and Class for the same type parameter, and you cannot specify either one more than once.

Error ID: BC32108

To correct this error

  • If you want the type argument to be a value type, remove the class name from the constraint list.

  • If you want the type argument to inherit from the specified class name, remove the Structure keyword from the constraint list.

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