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Specifying Application Execution Settings

SQL Server 2005

SQL Server 2005 Notification Services provides several application execution settings that you can set to tune your application. These settings control how often data is processed, how far the generator is allowed to fall behind the real-time clock, how events are processed, how much data can be received and sent, how distribution data is logged, and how often old data is removed from the database.

You can choose to not specify application execution settings and use the Notification Services defaults. However, this is not recommended. You should at least specify quantum durations, quantum limits, distributor logging, and data removal.

Topic Description

Specifying the Generator Quantum Duration

Describes configuring how often the generator runs.

Specifying Quantum Limits

Describes configuring how far the generator can lag the real-time clock before it starts skipping event chronicle rules and subscription rules.

Specifying the Event Processing Order

Describes how to configure the generator to process event batches in order or all at once.

Specifying the Performance Query Interval

Describes configuring how often Notification Services performance counters are updated.

Specifying Throttles for Events, Subscriptions, and Notifications

Explains why you may want to limit the number of events, subscriptions, and notifications processed in a single quantum and how you specify the limit.

Configuring Distributor Logging

Explains what data can be logged about notification distribution and how to configure logging options.

Configuring Data Removal

Describes what data can automatically be removed from the application database and how to configure the relevant settings.

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