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Determining Names of Property Items in Tools Options Pages 

One of the first challenges encountered when programming against the DTE Properties collection is determining the exact names to use in the DTE.Properties call. Each setting has a specific name that is used to access its value. The name is derived from the title displayed in the Tools Options page. For example, DTE.Properties("FontsAndColors", "TextEditor") is used to access the settings for the Fonts and Colors, Environment, Options Dialog Box.

These names are stored in the Windows registry hive, HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\VisualStudio\8.0\AutomationProperties.

If a particular setting does not appear in the following list, then its values cannot be programmatically accessed by using Visual Studio automation. This list of properties is not affected by choosing different settings, because settings only filter the nodes you see on the Tools Options dialog box. Settings do not remove nodes.

Property Item Names

Following is a complete list of the available option pages or setting names:

  • Environment

  • AddinMacrosSecurity

  • Documents

  • FindAndReplace

    • General

    • Help

    • Import and Export Settings

    • International

    • Keyboard

    • ProjectsAndSolution

    • Startup

    • TaskList

    • WebBrowser

  • FontsAndColors

    • Printer

    • TextEditor

  • Microsoft Office Keyboard Settings

    • Microsoft Office Excel Keyboard

    • Microsoft Office Word Keyboard

  • Projects

    • VBDefaults

    • VCDirectories

    • VCGeneral

  • Test Tools

    • Test Execution

    • Test Project

  • Text Editor

    • AllLanguages

    • Basic

    • Basic-Specific

    • C/C++

    • C/C++ - Specific

    • CSharp

    • CSharp - Specific

    • CSS

    • CSS - Specific

    • Fonts

    • General

    • HTML

    • HTML Specific

    • PL/SQL

    • PlainText

    • SQL Script

    • T-SQL

    • T-SQL7

    • T-SQL80

    • Visual JSharp

    • VJSharp - Specific

    • XML

    • XmlEditor

  • WindowsFormsDesigner

    • General

Remember, this list contains only items that can be programmatically accessed in Visual Studio.

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