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GraphicsDeviceCapabilities.PixelShaderCaps Properties

Public PropertyDynamicFlowControlDepthGets a value specifying the dynamic flow control depth.
Public PropertyNumberInstructionSlotsGets a value specifying the number of instruction slots supported.
Public PropertyNumberTempsGets a value specifying the number of temporary registers supported.
Public PropertyStaticFlowControlDepthGets a value specifying the depth of nesting of the loop - vs/rep - vs and call - vs/callnz bool - vs instructions.
Public PropertySupportsArbitrarySwizzleGets a value indicating whether arbitrary swizzling is supported.
Public PropertySupportsGradientInstructionsGets a value indicating whether gradient instructions are supported.
Public PropertySupportsNoDependentReadLimitGets a value indicating whether there is a limit on the number of dependent reads per instruction.
Public PropertySupportsNoTextureInstructionLimitGets a value indicating whether there is a limit on the number of texture instructions.
Public PropertySupportsPredicationGets a value indicating whether instruction predication is supported.
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