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Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Content Namespace

Contains the run-time components of the Content Pipeline.
Public ClassContentLoadExceptionException used to report errors from the ContentManager.Load method.
Public ClassContentManager The ContentManager is the run-time component which loads managed objects from the binary files produced by the design time content pipeline. It also manages the lifespan of the loaded objects, disposing the content manager will also dispose any assets which are themselves IDisposable.
Public ClassContentReader A worker object that implements most of ContentManager.Load. A new ContentReader is constructed for each asset loaded.
Public ClassContentSerializerAttributeA custom Attribute that marks a field or property to control how it is serialized or to indicate that protected or private data should be included in serialization.
Public ClassContentSerializerCollectionItemNameAttribute A custom Attribute that marks a collection class to specify the XML element name for each item in the collection.
Public ClassContentSerializerIgnoreAttribute A custom Attribute that marks public fields or properties to prevent them from being serialized.
Public ClassContentTypeReaderWorker for reading a specific managed type from a binary format. Derive from this class to add new data types to the content pipeline system.
Public ClassContentTypeReaderWorker for reading a specific managed type from a binary format.
Public ClassContentTypeReaderManagerA manager that constructs and keeps track of type reader objects.
Public ClassResourceContentManager Subclass of ContentManager which is specialized to read from .resx resource files, rather than directly from individual files on disk.
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