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Microsoft.VisualStudio.Package.Automation Namespace

Visual Studio 2005

Public classOAAssemblyReferenceRepresents an assembly reference.
Public classOAComReferenceRepresents a reference to a COM component.
Public classOAFileItemRepresents a file in the project.
Public classOAFolderItemRepresents a folder in the project.
Public classOANavigableProjectItemsRepresents a collection of project items that can be enumerated.
Public classOANestedProjectItemRepresents a nested project in the solution.
Public classOANullPropertyDefines a null object that is returned instead of a null reference (Nothing in Visual Basic).
Public classOAProjectRepresents the automation-friendly version of a Visual Studio project.
Public classOAProjectItemRepresents an item in the project (file, folder, or reference).
Public classOAProjectItemsContains OAProjectItems objects, each representing items in the project.
Public classOAProjectReferenceRepresents a project reference of the solution.
Public classOAPropertiesContains all of the properties of a given object that are contained in a generic collection of properties.
Public classOAPropertyRepresents one property in a generic collection of properties for a given object.
Public classOAReferenceBaseRepresents the automation equivalent of ReferenceNode.
Public classOAReferenceFolderItemRepresents the OAProjectItem automation object that underlies the ReferenceContainerNode.
Public classOAReferencesRepresents the automation equivalent of ReferenceContainerNode. It implements References, ReferencesEvents, IEventSource, and CollectionPointContainer.
Public classOARreferenceItemRepresents a reference OAProjectItem automation object that is associated with a ReferenceNode.
Public classOASolutionFolderRepresents the automation-compliant version of the top-level directory in the project hierarchy that contains one or more projects. The type parameter is a HierarchyNode or a subclass (such as ProjectNode) that represents the solution. This class implements SolutionFolder.
Public classOAVSProjectRepresents a Visual Studio language-specific project. This is an implementation of the VSProject interface.
Public classOAVSProjectEventsProvides access to References , Imports, and BuildManager events for Visual Basic, Visual C#, or Visual J# projects.
Public classOAVSProjectItemRepresents a Visual Basic or C# project item.

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