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Microsoft.VisualStudio.ManagedInterfaces.Publish Namespace

Public interfaceIBootstrapperPackageAn interface defining a bootstrapper package.
Public interfaceIBootstrapperPackageCollectionA collection of IBootstrapperPackage objects.
Public interfaceIPublishFileA wrapper for a COM publishing interface.
Public interfaceIPublishFileCollectionAn interface defining a collection of objects implementing IPublishFile.
Public interfaceIPublishPropertiesDefines the properties of a published application.

Public enumerationComponentsLocationSpecifies the location from which packages should be downloaded at install time.
Public enumerationInstallFromThis enumeration describes possible installation sources.
Public enumerationPublishStatusAn enumeration of possible publish statuses.
Public enumerationUpdateIntervalUnitsAn enumeration with values that describe the frequency of updates.
Public enumerationUpdateModeAn enumeration that describes valid publishing update modes.

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