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The framework calls this member function when the user clicks the Cancel button or presses the ESC key in a modal or modeless dialog box.

virtual void OnCancel( );

Override this member function to perform Cancel button action. The default simply terminates a modal dialog box by calling EndDialog and causing DoModal to return IDCANCEL.

If you implement the Cancel button in a modeless dialog box, you must override the OnCancel member function and call DestroyWindow from within it. Don't call the base-class member function, because it calls EndDialog, which will make the dialog box invisible but not destroy it.

/* MyDialog.cpp */
#include "MyDialog.h"

void CMyDialog::OnCancel() 
   // TODO: Add extra cleanup here
   // Ensure that you reset all the values back to the
   // ones before modification. This handler is called
   // when the user doesn't want to save the changes.
   if ( AfxMessageBox("Are you sure you want to abort the changes?", 
         MB_YESNO) == IDNO )
      return; // Give the user a chance if he has unknowingly hit the
              // Cancel button. If he says No, return. Don't reset. If
              // Yes, go ahead and reset the values and close the dialog.

   m_nMyValue = m_nPrevValue;
   m_pMyString = NULL; 


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