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Components and Controls Authoring Walkthroughs

Visual Studio 2005

The following walkthroughs demonstrate how to use components, controls, and threading.

In This Section

Walkthrough: Authoring a Component with Visual J#

Shows the development of a simple component, illustrating the interaction between client and component, object lifetime and circular references, debugging clients and components, and using shared methods and instance methods.

Walkthrough: Authoring a Simple Multithreaded Component with Visual J#

Demonstrates how to create a multithreaded component, explaining how threads work and how to coordinate multiple threads in your component.

Walkthrough: Authoring a User Control with Visual J#

Shows the development of a simple user control that inherits from the UserControl class, and how to inherit from an established user control.

Walkthrough: Inheriting from a Windows Forms Control with Visual J#

Demonstrates how to create a simple inherited button control. This button inherits functionality from the standard Windows Forms button and exposes a custom member.

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