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Release Notes

Atlas API
System_CLiX_note Note

Atlas is now part of Facebook. To access Atlas API documentation, please click here.

Campaign Management API version 3 (V3) contains the following new features:

  • The ability to programmatically move placements from a source cost package to a destination cost package.

  • The ability to programmatically create and update media plans and buys.

  • Enhanced formatting of response list data to use a PagingCookie object.

  • Enhanced error handling to use an ApiFaultDetail object. For information about the new error objects and error codes, see Error Reference.

System Cost Calculation

A system cost calculation has been implemented for the UpdateBuys and UpdateMediaPlans operations. The system cost is the number of child placements that belong to the total number of entities to be updated in each service operation. For more information, see Quotas.

Service Operation Changes

The following service operations have been added to the Campaign Management API:

Data Object Changes

The following data object changes have been made to the Campaign Management API:

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