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Bing Ads API Version 8

Use Bing Ads Application Programming Interface (API) to manage your Bing Ads advertising campaigns. Links to content on getting started, technical guides, code samples, and reference are provided below.

System_CLiX_important Important

Bing Ads Application Programming Interface (API) Version 8 is deprecated and will sunset on June 1st, 2014. Please upgrade your application with version 9. For more information, see Migrating from Bing Ads API Version 8 to Version 9.

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Bing Ads API Overview

Describes an overview of Bing Ads entities and web services.

Getting Started With the Bing Ads API

Learn how to get developer credentials and how to write your first application for example, in C#, Java, or PHP.


You may test your application in the Bing Ads sandbox environment before deploying it to the production environment.

Bing Ads Code Examples

You may develop Bing Ads applications in any programming language which supports web services, and some samples are provided in C#, Java, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, and Visual Basic.

Bing Ads Technical Guides

Describes core advertising scenarios using Bing Ads services.

Bing Ads API Version 8 Reference

Defines programming elements such as service operations, data objects, and value sets for each Bing Ads web service.

Release Notes

Provides information about the changes to the Bing Ads services for each release.

Migrating from Bing Ads API Version 7 to Version 8

Describes both required and optional changes to migrate from version 7 to version 8 of the Bing Ads API.

Features Being Migrated or Removed

Describes some planned service updates which may require code changes.

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