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AddAds Service Operation

Adds one or more ads to an ad group.

<wsdl:operation name="AddAds">
  <soap:operation soapAction="AddAds" style="document" />
  <wsdl:input name="AddAdsRequest">
    <soap:header message="tns:AddAdsRequest_Headers" part="ApplicationToken" use="literal" />
    <soap:header message="tns:AddAdsRequest_Headers" part="CustomerAccountId" use="literal" />
    <soap:header message="tns:AddAdsRequest_Headers" part="CustomerId" use="literal" />
    <soap:header message="tns:AddAdsRequest_Headers" part="DeveloperToken" use="literal" />
    <soap:header message="tns:AddAdsRequest_Headers" part="Password" use="literal" />
    <soap:header message="tns:AddAdsRequest_Headers" part="UserName" use="literal" />
    <soap:body use="literal" />
  <wsdl:output name="AddAdsResponse">
    <soap:header message="tns:AddAdsResponse_Headers" part="TrackingId" use="literal" />
    <soap:body use="literal" />
  <wsdl:fault name="AdApiFaultDetailFault">
    <soap:fault use="literal" name="AdApiFaultDetailFault" namespace="" />
  <wsdl:fault name="EditorialApiFaultDetailFault">
    <soap:fault use="literal" name="EditorialApiFaultDetailFault" namespace="" />

An AddAdsRequest object that contains the request message that the client passes to the service operation.

An AddAdsResponse object that contains the response message that the operation returns to the client.

If the service operation fails, the operation throws a FaultException exception, which contains one of the following objects:



For more information about the fault detail objects, see Handling Errors. For a list of campaign-management–specific error codes, see Campaign Management Error Codes. For a list of generic error codes, see Common Error Codes.

The following is a fictitious example of an AddAds request.

<s:Envelope xmlns:s="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/">
    <h:ApplicationToken xmlns:h="https://adcenter.microsoft.com/v7">apptoken</h:ApplicationToken>
    <h:CustomerAccountId xmlns:h="https://adcenter.microsoft.com/v7">customeraccountid</h:CustomerAccountId>
    <h:CustomerId xmlns:h="https://adcenter.microsoft.com/v7">customerid</h:CustomerId>
    <h:DeveloperToken xmlns:h="https://adcenter.microsoft.com/v7">devtoken</h:DeveloperToken>
    <h:Password xmlns:h="https://adcenter.microsoft.com/v7">password</h:Password>
    <h:UserName xmlns:h="https://adcenter.microsoft.com/v7">username</h:UserName>
    <AddAdsRequest xmlns="https://adcenter.microsoft.com/v7">
      <Ads xmlns:i="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance">
        <Ad i:type="TextAd">
          <EditorialStatus i:nil="true"/>
          <Id i:nil="true"/>
          <Status i:nil="true"/>
          <Type i:nil="true"/>
          <Text>Alpine Ski House has a great ski selection for you.</Text>
          <Title>Alpine Ski House 1</Title>
        <Ad i:type="TextAd">
          <EditorialStatus i:nil="true"/>
          <Id i:nil="true"/>
          <Status i:nil="true"/>
          <Type i:nil="true"/>
          <Text>Alpine Ski House has a great selection of winter clothing for you.</Text>
          <Title>Alpine Ski House 2</Title>

You can add ads to ad groups that are in the Draft, Active, or Paused state. You cannot add ads to an ad group that has been deleted.

At the time that you add an ad to an active or paused ad group, the ad goes through an initial editorial review. If the ad fails the review, the AddAds operation fails and returns an EditorialApiFaultDetail fault. If the ad passes the initial review, the add operation succeeds and the ad goes through a complete editorial review; the system will not serve the ad until the editorial review process is complete.

To determine the status of the review, call the GetAdsByEditorialStatus operation. To get ads that are pending review, set the AdEditorialStatus element to Inactive. To get ads that failed the editorial review, set AdEditorialStatus to Disapproved. To determine the reason why an ad failed editorial review, call the GetAdEditorialReasonsByIds operation.

If the editorial standards change in the future, all ads are sent through the review process. If an ad does not meet the new standards, its status changes to Disapproved.

CampaignManagementService.svc v7

Namespace: https://adcenter.microsoft.com/v7

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