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Application Model

The application model provides functionality to accomplish common game development tasks.

In This Section

Application Model Overview
The XNA Framework Game class provides a framework for processing game simulation based on a fixed or variable time interval.
How to: Allow the Player to Resize a Game Window
Demonstrates how to let the player resize the game window.
How to: Pause a Game
Demonstrates how to add pause functionality to a game.
How to: Exit a Game
This example demonstrates how to exit a game without finishing the current update.
How to: Display a Game in Full Screen Mode
This example demonstrates how to start a game in full screen.
How to: Restrict Graphics Devices to Widescreen Aspect Ratios in Full Screen
Demonstrates how to create a custom GraphicsDeviceManager that only selects graphics devices with widescreen aspect ratios in full screen mode.
How to: Make a Game Time Out
Demonstrates how to make a game time out after a period of inactivity.
How to: Make a Game Use a Variable Time Step
Demonstrates how to make a game use a variable time step.
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