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Error Handling

Updated: March 23, 2014

Published: April 2, 2014

To use the error handling events, you must reference the Microsoft.Advertising.Mobile.dll assembly. By including the Microsoft.Advertising.Mobile assembly in your project, you will be able to reference the functionality of the AdErrorEventArgs class.

For more information about that assembly and the classes it contains, see Microsoft.Advertising.Mobile Namespace.


Apps Targeting Windows Phone 8

Handling an AdControl error event follows the standard patterns and practices of the .NET framework. For an overview of event handling, see the topic How to: Raise and Consume Events.

To handle AdControl errors, you:

In XAML/Silverlight markup, you set the ErrorOccurred event to the value of your error handler delegate using an assignment. Here is an example that uses the name “OnAdError” for the error handling delegate.

ErrorOccurred = "OnAdError_ErrorOccurred"

Below is an example an error handling function named OnAdError_ErrorOccurred that handles the ErrorOccurred event (C#).

        private void OnAdError_ErrorOccurred(object sender, Microsoft.Advertising.AdErrorEventArgs e) 
            Debug.WriteLine("AdControl error: " + e.Error.Message); 

Apps Targeting Windows Phone 7

For a code example showing the use of the AdErrorEventArgs class, see Integrating Ads into a Hybrid Silverlight/XNA App. For example apps that use the error handling code, see the Additional Samples Online.

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