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List of Modified Components

Many components in Windows XP Embedded Service Pack 2 Feature Pack 2007 have been modified. This is due to bug fixes, footprint reduction, feature enhancements, and the addition of new features. The following is a list of components that have been modified:

.NET Framework 1.1

.NET Framework 2.0

1394 Kernel Debugger Support Library

Accessibility Control Panel

Accessories/Communications Programs

ACPI Multiprocessor PC

ACPI Uniprocessor PC

Active Directory Service Interface (ADSI) Core

Active Directory Service Interface (ADSI) LDAP Provider

Active Directory Service Interface (ADSI) Netware 3.X Provider

Active Directory Service Interface (ADSI) Novel Directory Service Provider

Active Directory Service Interface (ADSI) OLEDB Provider

Active Directory Service Interface (ADSI) Windows NT Provider

Active IMM Library

Administration Support Tools

Administrator Account

Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) PC



Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) Support


Client / Server Runtime (Console)

Client for Microsoft Networks

Client Services for NetWare

Codepage Application Compatibility

Collaborative Data Objects Messaging (CDO) API

COM+ Services

Compaq SystemPro Multiprocessor or 100% Compatible

Compression and Expansion Tools

Computer Name User Interface

Device Update Agent

Dial-Up Networking Common Libraries


DirectShow Core

DirectShow Indeo3

DirectShow Indeo4

DirectShow Indeo5

DirectShow Indeo5Audio

DirectX Registry Info

Disk Management Basic Volume Runtime

Distributed Transaction Coordinator (MSDTC)

Dr. Watson Debugger

El Torito CD

Enhanced Write Filter

Enhanced Write Filter API (EWF API)

Error Reporting

EWF Manager Console application



FBA: Crypto

FBA: SysSetup

File Based Write Filter

File Sharing

File system recognizer

First Boot Agent (FBA)

Font Object Embedding Library

Fonts Application Compatibility

Fonts: 8514fixr_fon

Fonts: Arabic bitmap & TrueType fonts

Fonts: Chinese (Simplified) font substitutes

Fonts: Chinese (Traditional) font substitutes

Fonts: Japanese font substitutes

Fonts: Korean font substitutes

Group Policy Refresh Utility

Help and Support Services

Help Center and Services

Home Gateway

HTML Help Engine

HTML Rendering Engine

ICM Core

IIS Common Libraries

IIS Core Libraries

IIS FTP Server

IIS Internet Manager

IIS Web Server

IMAPI - CD Burning

Internet Connection Wizard

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer (Additional Support)

Internet Explorer (Add-On Crash Detection)

Internet Explorer Group Policy Support

Internet Explorer Help Files

Internet Gateway Discovery and Control Client

Keyboard: Bosnian

Keyboard: Finnish with Sami

Keyboard: Swedish with Sami

Keyboard Class Driver

Kiosk/Gaming Console

Language: Hungarian - 040e

Local Printing

Local Security Authority Subsystem (LSASS)

Medium Changer Class Driver

Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC)

Microsoft Korean IME Core

Microsoft Management Console (MMC)

Microsoft Simplified Chinese Legacy IMEs

Microsoft SQL Express 2005 Macro

Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Desktop Edition

Microsoft Taiwan CJIME98b Core

Microsoft Taiwan IME Program

Microsoft Taiwan PHIME2002a Core

Microsoft Traditional Chinese Legacy IMEs

Microsoft Vector Graphics Rendering (VML)

MinKernel Sample Macro (Demo)


MinLogon Sample Macro

Mount Manager

Mouse Class Driver

MPS Multiprocessor PC

MPS Uniprocessor PC


MUI Prototype

Multimedia Application Compatibility

Netbios Driver

Netnwlnk Inf

NetUser Win32 API

Network Command Shell

Network Configuration

Norwegian Language Support

NLS: Time Zones

NT Hardware Detect

NT Loader


On Screen Keyboard Service

Outlook Express

Partition Manager

PnP (Kernel-mode)

Power Management Application


Primitive: Afd

Primitive: AuthZ

Primitive: Browseui

Primitive: Cabinet

Primitive: Cacls.exe

Primitive: Cdfview

Primitive: Cfgmgr32

Primitive: Clbcatq

Primitive: Clusapi

Primitive: Comres

Primitive: Crypt32

Primitive: cryptdlg.dll

Primitive: Cryptdll

Primitive: Devmgr

Primitive: Digest

Primitive: Dnsapi

Primitive: Dpcdll

Primitive: Dxapi.sys

Primitive: DXTRANS.DLL

Primitive: Esent

Primitive: HLINK.DLL

Primitive: iedkcs32.dll

Primitive: IEINFO5.OCX


Primitive: Imagehlp

Primitive: IMGUTIL.DLL

Primitive: Imm32

Primitive: INETCPL.CPL

Primitive: INSENG.DLL

Primitive: JSPROXY.DLL

Primitive: Kdcom

Primitive: Ksecdd

Primitive: Licdll

Primitive: Localsec.dll

Primitive: Mlang

Primitive: Mpr

Primitive: Msasn1

Primitive: Mscms

Primitive: Msi

Primitive: MSIDENT.DLL


Primitive: Msimg32


Primitive: Msvcrt40

Primitive: Ncobjapi

Primitive: Netapi32

Primitive: Netman

Primitive: Netrap

Primitive: Ntdll

Primitive: Ntlsapi

Primitive: Ole32

Primitive: Oleaut32

Primitive: Olecli32

Primitive: Pidgen

Primitive: Powrprof

Primitive: Profmap

Primitive: Psapi

Primitive: Pstorsvc

Primitive: Rasapi32

Primitive: Rasman

Primitive: Rdbss

Primitive: Regapi

Primitive: Regsvr32

Primitive: Rundll32

Primitive: Sclgntfy

Primitive: Security

Primitive: Setupapi

Primitive: Sfc

Primitive: Sfcfiles

Primitive: Sfcos

Primitive: Shdocvw

Primitive: Shell32

Primitive: Shlwapi

Primitive: SxS

Primitive: SysSetup

Primitive: Tapi32

Primitive: Umpnpmgr

Primitive: Uniplat

Primitive: Userenv

Primitive: Userinit

Primitive: Utildll

Primitive: Version

Primitive: W32topl

Primitive: Winmm

Primitive: Winsta

Primitive: Wintrust

Primitive: Wmi

Primitive: Wmilib

Primitive: Ws2_32

Primitive: Ws2Help

Primitive: Wtsapi32

Print Spooler

Registry Filter

Remote Assistance Automation Framework

Remote Assistance Channel

Remote Service Provider

Rich Edit Control Version 1.0

Rich Edit Control Version 3.0

Rich Edit Control Version 4.1

RPC Server

Security Center

Shell Core Registry Data

Shell Namespace Extensions

Shockwave Flash

SMB Redirector

Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)

Soap Client Runtime

Spanish Language Support

Speech Text Services v1.1

Standard PC

Supplemental Help Files

System Cloning Tool

Tape Class Driver

TCP/IP Networking

TCP/IP Over 1394

Terminal Services Core


Text Services Framework

TSF Shared Candidate User Interface Service


Urlmon Library

USB 2.0

USB 2.0 Common

USB Boot 2.0

USB Boot Mass Storage Device

USB NT Hardware Detect

User Account

User Interface Core

Users Control Panel

VGA Boot Driver

Volume Shadow Copy Service

Webdav Client Redirector

Windows .Net Messenger

Windows API - User

Windows Installer Service

Windows Management Instrumentation Technologies

Windows Media Player 10

Windows Media Player 10 Playlist

Windows Media Player 10 Skins

Windows Media Player 10 Technologies

Windows Media Player 6.4

Windows Media Player 8.0 Technologies

Windows Movie Maker

Windows Narrator (Screen Reader)

Windows Product Activation Notification

Windows Product Activation WMI Provider

Windows Script Engines

Windows subsystem

Windows Update Agent

Wininet Library

WinLogon Sample Macro

WMI Win32 Provider

WordPad Text Converters

Workstation Service


See Help for individual components to determine if services are available for them.


See Help for individual components to determine if configurable settings are available for them.

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