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CompactPCI Hot Swap Support

The CompactPCI Hot Swap Support component contains the core software that allows CompactPCI boards to be inserted into and removed from your system without shutting down, a process known as hot swapping. This component is listed in the component tree under Software\System\Management\Infrastructure.


There are no services associated with this component.

Associated Components

No other components interact with this component.


The following table shows the configurable settings for this component.

SettingDefault settingDescription
Poll interval500 milliseconds (ms)Specifies the rate, in milliseconds, at which the CompactPCI hot-swap module polls the PCI bus to detect insertion or removal of a peripheral board. This property is used for CompactPCI boards which do not implement the ENUM# bus signal that is triggered by the hot-swap switch.
Disconnect retry interval20,000 msSpecifies the rate, in milliseconds, at which an attempt is made to disconnect the software after the notification that the operator wants to remove a peripheral board.

If an application or device driver that is running on the hardware to be removed vetoes the removal request, the CompactPCI hot swap software waits the specified amount of time before making another attempt to disconnect the software.

Cancel eject interval500 msSpecifies the rate, in milliseconds, at which an attempt is made to cancel the eject interval.

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