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Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) Support

The Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) Support component contains networking support for ATM devices. There are four ATM communication modes:

  • Using local area network (LAN) emulation, known as ATMLANE. This is the mode typically used in corporate LANs.
  • Using Ethernet-permanent virtual circuit (PVC), known as ATMEPVC. This is used in certain ATM-DSL deployments.
  • Using Internet Protocol (IP) over ATM, known as ATMARPC and ATMARPS. This is an alternative LAN technique suitable for IP-only networks.
  • Using Winsock over ATM connections. This is used for special purpose applications.


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ATMLANE, ATMARPC, ATMARPS and Winsock do not require configuration when used over ATM.

The following table shows the settings for Ethernet-PVC configurations.

Property/setting nameDefault settingDescription
VPI0The virtual path identifier for the PVC on which the driver operates.
VCI0The virtual circuit identifier for the PVC.
Encap2Defines the encapsulation used for data transfer. Possible values are:

0 – IPv4


2 – Ethernet

3 – Ethernet LLC/SNAP


ATM networks commonly use only one of the four possible operation modes listed above.

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