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Network Diagnostics

The Network Diagnostics component comprises a Web page, an ActiveX control, and a Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) provider. The ActiveX control and the WMI provider are contained within the same physical dynamic-link library (DLL) called Dgnet.dll. The main Web page is called Dglogs.htm. The Web page makes calls into the ActiveX control to start and stop, as well as check the progress of the diagnostic tests. The ActiveX control performs a series of operations, mostly using WMI. Some WMI calls are made to a Microsoft Win32 provider for general computer information and some are made to the network diagnostics provider to perform specific tests. The network diagnostics provider performs ping and TCP connection tests. The ping tests are used to test connectivity to the default gateway, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), Domain Name System (DNS), and Windows Internet Naming Service (WINS) servers. TCP connection tests are also used to check the availability of Internet e-mail and newsgroup services.

The Web page resides within the PCHealth framework and can be invoked from a number of places in the user interface (UI) and from the Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) hcp:\\system\netdiag\dglogs.htm. The network diagnostics WMI provider functionality can be invoked separately from the Web page using standard WMI access methods, such as Component Object Model (COM), scripting, or the command line.


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The Web page does contain configurable properties under Set Scanning Options. These are documented in the actual Web page, called Dglogs.htm, with ToolTip Help available on each configuration item. These scanning options set the actions, such as ping and connection, and the categories, such as Mail Service and Network Adapters, that the network diagnostics scanning operation will perform. The options are not independent because each category only has certain actions that may be applied to it.

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