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Adding a Performance Object 

Creating a performance object is the second step to adding performance monitoring support to your system or server project. Use the ATL Performance Object Wizard to add a performance object to an ATL DLL project to which you have already added a performance monitor object manager. You can add the performance object using either attributed or nonattributed code


You can either add performance monitor support into an ATL project created using the ATL Project Wizard, or you can add performance support to an MFC application by adding ATL support to your MFC application.

Performance monitor object manager with performance objects and counters
Performance Object Monitor graphic

See Performance Monitoring for more information.

Performance monitoring allows your applications and components to publish, capture, and analyze the performance data that applications, services, and drivers provide. You can use this information to determine system bottlenecks and fine-tune system and application performance.

A machine's performance objects can include:

  • Physical components (such as processors, disks, and memory).

  • System objects (such as processes and threads).

  • Server transactions (such as ATL ISAPI server transactions).

Each object is related to a functional element in the system and has a set of counters assigned to it.


After you add a performance object to your performance monitor object manager, you can add the counters either manually or with the ATL Performance Monitor Counter Wizard.

Performance data is grouped by the performance object to which is it related. See Performance Objects and Counters in the Platform SDK for a discussion of performance objects.

To add an ATL performance object to your project

  1. In Class View, expand the project to display the project's classes.

  2. Right-click the performance monitor object manager's class name to which you want to add the performance object.

  3. From the shortcut menu, click Add and click Add PerfMon Object to display the ATL Performance Object Wizard.

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