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SourceSafe Options Dialog Box, Difference Tab (Explorer)

Visual Studio 2005

Allows you to specify global options for viewing differences between files or projects. These options are reflected in the Difference Options and Project Difference dialog boxes, in which some of the global settings can be adjusted for particular circumstances.

Dialog Box Access

In Visual SourceSafe Explorer, on the Tools menu, click Options, then Difference.


Specifies the background color for a selected item. See Colors for foreground defaults.


Specifies the items that appear in the difference viewer. Possible options are:

  • Standard Text; defaults black foreground and white background

  • Unchanged lines; defaults black foreground and gray background

  • Inserted lines; defaults green foreground and gray background

  • Deleted lines; defaults red foreground and gray background

  • Changed lines; defaults blue foreground and gray background

  • Difference Filler lines; defaults red foreground and gray background

  • Source Conflict Box; default green foreground

  • New Conflict Box; default blue foreground

  • Unresolved Conflict Box; default red foreground

  • Resolved (both) Conflict Box; default black foreground


Specifies the font that is used for the selected item. The current font, size, and style are displayed. Click Modify to change the font.


Specifies the foreground color for a selected item. See Colors for foreground defaults.

Ignore white space differences when merging files

Specifies whether differences in white space are ignored when merging two files. White space includes tab and space characters.


Brings up a standard Windows dialog box that allows you to change the font for the selected item.


Resets all values on this tab to their defaults.


Shows the colors and font for the selected item.

Show line numbers

Specifies whether line numbers are to be displayed in the difference viewer.

Tabstop width

Specifies the number of spaces equivalent to each tab stop.

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