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Command-Line Switches 

Visual Studio 2005

The following table shows the command-line switches available in Java Language Conversion Assistant 3.0.

Switch Function


Prints the message.


Specifies the target directory. The default is \OutDir.


Specifies that everything be output.


Specifies that the copyright banner not be displayed.


Specifies that a log not be written.


Specifies the log file name.


Specifies the encoding for input files.


Specifies the project name for directory conversion.


Specifies the project type. Options are EXE, WinExe, Library, and ASP.NET. The default is WinExe.


Specifies the virtual root for Internet Information Server.


Specifies the context path to be replaced by the virtual root.


Specifies the domain to be replaced for URLs.


Disables extensibility mappings.


Specifies the JDK to use for the conversion. Options are VJ and J2EE.


Disables property conversion.

A command-line switch (/ProcessGetSetOff) is provided so that you can choose whether to leave get/set/is methods as methods or convert them to properties. By default, JLCA converts these methods to properties. If you prefer, you can toggle the command-line switch and leave most of these as methods. For compatibility with other conversions, the following patterns are always converted to properties:

  • ActiveX methods are converted to specific properties in the .NET Framework.

  • CORBA attributes.

  • Accessor, mutator, and state-checking methods required by the .NET Framework.

  • Automatically generated .NET Framework properties.

JSP pages that use the setProperty method with the property set to a wildcard character (*) are not converted correctly because the SupportClass code used to emulate the setting of bean properties expects a property, rather than a get/set method.

Taglib handler class properties are converted to get/set methods, and the code used in the generated ASPX page to set the property values will be broken because custom controls use properties to map to ASPX attributes in the custom HTML tags.

If an accessor method of a visual component is called in a different thread from the one that owns the component, it is converted to the System.Windows.Forms.Control.Invoke method, which returns an object type when the ProcessGetSetOff flag is turned on. The return value must be cast to the same type as the return value of the original method.

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