StorPortDeviceBusy routine

The StorPortDeviceBusy routine notifies the port driver that the specified logical unit is currently busy, handling outstanding requests.


  _In_  PVOID HwDeviceExtension,
  _In_  UCHAR PathId,
  _In_  UCHAR TargetId,
  _In_  UCHAR Lun,
  _In_  ULONG RequestsToComplete


HwDeviceExtension [in]

A pointer to the hardware device extension. This is a per HBA storage area that the port driver allocates and initializes on behalf of the miniport driver. Miniport drivers usually store HBA-specific information in this extension, such as the state of the HBA and the mapped access ranges for the HBA. This area is available to the miniport driver immediately after the miniport driver calls StorPortInitialize. The port driver frees this memory when it removes the device.

PathId [in]

Identifies the SCSI bus.

TargetId [in]

Identifies the target controller or device on the given buses.

Lun [in]

Identifies the logical unit for the given target controller or device.

RequestsToComplete [in]

Indicates the number of requests that the logical unit must complete before resuming I/O requests to the miniport driver. If RequestsToComplete is greater than the number of currently outstanding requests, the Storport driver will complete all outstanding requests to the logical unit before resuming requests.

Return value

StorPortDeviceBusy returns TRUE if the miniport driver succeeded in notifying the port driver, FALSE if not.


No error log is generated when a device is busy.

The port driver will not issue any new requests to the logical unit until the logical unit's queue has been drained to a sufficient level where processing can continue.



Storport.h (include Storport.h)



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